It is one of the most comprehensive monetization platforms for publishers:

You can tap into global demand and superior ad experiences through our platform. Acing your native and video monetization with Appgid helps in striking a perfect balance between revenue growth and user experience.

Add on user experiences that amalgamate with the right ad experience:

You can choose from a comprehensive suite of ad formats that include rich and customizable native ad units. Thus, helping you create monetization opportunities in your application that helps in maintaining a balance between revenue and user experience. (EXPLORE MORE…)

  • We have ad experiences for every narrative:

Whether you are an advertiser looking to drive awareness and conversion or a publisher who is looking to monetizing an account, we have creative formats that help you deliver the right ad experience to your audience.

Immersive video advertisements:

You can deliver a buffer-free, true HD experience for better completion rates and higher engagement with Appgid’s advanced video solutions. (EXPLORE MORE…)

You can reach premium audiences programmatically:

We maximize ROI for your mobile marketing campaigns that reach global audiences with compelling creatives.

Don’t worry about the non-intrusive native ads:

We help in delivering a contextual, non-intrusive user experience with Appgidā€™s native ads. They blend seamlessly with our app’s design and layout.

Native ads help in giving a great user experience:

We help you in striking a balance between user experience and performance through our native ads. You can grow your business with the help of a user engagement experience that matches the function and form of the app.

Interactive ads are helping:

Appgid blend naturally within content and social feeds.

Interactive ads are helping:

The native article ads are an integral part of the content. These are best used in placement during long sessions of content consumption.

Stream advertisements:

These ads are skippable and non-skippable videos that appear as pre-roll and post-roll within video content. They are good for delivering brand narratives to drive awareness.

The splash advertisements:

They are transient static and video ad experiences that appear for five seconds when a session starts.