About us

Our app discovery is powered by technology at scale

Appgid is the largest app discovery platform that offers the only recommendation engine on the market, that consists of both in-app and on-device discovery.
Through our direct partnerships with top OEMs, app developers, and operators, Appgid creates a new door to the discovery experiences in over 10,000 mobile touchpoints. We make the usage of 'Timeline' technology that predicts the app users to use next applications. Appgid's recommendations help app marketers reach more engaged users and get their apps discovered, re-used, and used.

Who We Are


Our mission is to solve complexities with efficiencies. Appgid's self-serve advertising platform is packaged to create a custom-tailored experience. We aim to conduct online advertising for both the publisher and the advertiser. In this, we will also maximize the advertising revenue of publishers. We also offer the advertisers the opportunity to create campaigns that help them run their desired advertising types (CPM, CPS) within the budget they want.


While our technology sets us apart, our people make us efficient. Our passionate team stands by our core values and works as one to deliver outstanding customer experiences.


Appgid got established to enable advertisers and publishers on the internet to realize their e-marketing activities more efficiently and effectively. We are an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to reach their maximum and right audience by evaluating their budgets in the most effective way. It also aims to provide maximum return per unity in the expenses of advertisers and aims; to enable the publishers to get their share.


Appgid is an authentic, data-driven company that is committed to creating value and empowering employees.

Appgid's Value Propositions

Exclusively built app discovery platforms for our users

Appgid's exclusive in-app and on-device placements represent an exciting new layer of app discovery experience. They are powering recommendations to serve mobile users at 80% of their device usage time which are present outside the duopoly applications.

Full transparency and quality control are guaranteed

Appgid's unparalleled self-serve platform helps in providing unique access and a 360-degree view over the campaign targeting goals and performance, thus allowing full transparency and control of your activity with real-time insights into your KPIs.

Endless mobile daily engagements feature for our users

Appgid powers ten thousand daily touchpoints through 60K different applications and top mobile device brands. All this is done in a robust supply-side resulting in significant growth within the targeted recommendations by interacting on an average of 20 times a day with every single user along with his mobile journey.

It is a unique application recommendation engine

Appgid's recommendation engine helps maximize user's context by suggesting the relevant applications to use next by providing a good customer experience. Appgid Timeline is a patent-pending user intelligence technology that turns behavioral data into app recommendations by predicting the type of app users who are likely to use next. This helps in improving engagement, business goals, and relevancy for our advertisers.

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Appgid is registered as Appgid, Inc. and is located at

2093A Philadelphia Pike Suite 233 Claymont, DE 19703


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+1 718 577 1271

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