The potential of our header bidding solutions:

The powerful wrapper solution:

Through this, our publishers can handle multiple header tags at the same place. Publishers can manage the list of their demand partners, and remove the old connections. Our wrapper solutions have been designed to push the winning bids to the ad server on time.

Our In-app header bidding:

Appgid brings the benefits of advanced bidding and competitive auctions to discover the real value of the digital inventory. This is designed for a speed-sensitive mobile environment. Our header bidding solutions allow mobile publishers to handle auctions.

Our advanced analytics:

Our publishers can get access to in-depth, centralized reporting. This gives publishers more insights into the bid dynamics, and partner performance.

The powerful header bidding:

This helps our publishers to amplify sales efforts for exceptional revenue generation. Out market is a place where you can connect with dynamic bids and experience remarkable competition from global brands to get impressions.

Server-side header bidding is a must these days:

You can speed up operations with the help of server-side header bidding. It allows running auctions outside the publisher's web page. Our ad server calls go through the remote sensor. Out ads take the load off the publisher's shoulder and allow them to concentrate on sales and gives them profits.