You can maximize your ad revenues with a true unified auction with the help of our multiple demand sources. Our platform helps in bringing the best of the simultaneous auction to your mobile apps. This platform also gives you real insights into behind-the-scenes mechanisms.


Key features:

    • Reduced latency period: Lower latency period with a simultaneous auction on bids.
    • Transparency is assured: Transparency is guaranteed with behind-the-scenes mechanisms.
    • Formats available with controls: You can monetize your formats with the controls that you want.
      • 100 percent transparency: You can take full control of your revenue goals with 100%
        transparency into behind-the-scenes mechanisms.
      • Boosting the Ad revenue with our global demand: You can tap into premium and diverse
        advertising dollars from the brand advertisers through direct and programmatic channels.
      • Reaching audiences at scale: You can drive the efficiency and maximize KPIs with the help of the largest native in-application video programmatic platform for brand marketers.
  • Reaching mobile audiences: We help in reaching masses across the globe.
  • The efficiency of high-quality data signals: Just bid confidently on a sourced platform, making each impression buy the right one for your campaign.
  • Inspiring action with our interactive video experiences: You can achieve higher engagements on one of the largest in-app video inventories.
  • Keeping intact your brand with our guaranteed brand-safe experiences: We give you details about everything such as where your ads are running and the return you get on your ad spent. We have a stringent publisher onboarding process that leads to the protection of your brands with guaranteed brand-safe experiences.
  • Boosting ROI with higher viewability: Our regular system checks in reducing frauds.
  • Ads that shine: We deliver industry-best viewability rates of more than 90% for all media platforms. 
  • Delivering great user experiences with quality advertisements:

Striking a balance between monetization and user experience works the best for the audience.

  • Ad experiences for every story: Whether you are looking to drive awareness or looking for monetizing your content, we deliver the right ad experience to users.
  • Immersive video advertisements:We deliver a buffer-free, true HD experience with higher engagement video solutions.
  • Reaching premium audience: You can maximize ROI for your mobile marketing campaigns by reaching global audiences with our compelling creatives.


                                                                                   Key features:


  • Transparency is assured: You will get to know what exactly is happening with your campaign.
  • Global scaling: You reach a global audience with our help.
  • Ground-breaking ad experiences: We share groundbreaking ad experiences with you.
  • Campaigns that you can trust: We offer a measurable and transparent environment.
  • Reach audiences who matter: We help you reach audiences: Our robust solutions give you exclusive access to real-time segments that are created through unique datasets.
  • A showcase of our stunning creatives: Whether you are looking to raise brand awareness or drive conversions, we have everything at relative ease especially for you.
  • Non-intrusive native ads: We deliver a contextual, non-intrusive user experience that blends with our app’s design.
  • In-feed ads: They blend naturally with the content or social feeds. These are best-suited for content users.


  • Experiential playable ads that are helpful: Users get to test drive a game before downloading it with our playable ads.
  • Interactive rich media advertisements: They elevate your brand experience with our rich media ads that drive engagement.