This is all about increasing your brand growth.

Appgid provides agencies and advertisers the platform for forward-thinking and highly engaging ad campaigns that helps boost your audience into customers in real-time.

Our trusted platform for media-buying:

Appgid is an omnichannel media-buying platform that is integrated with the best supply partners. We are a part of a vast full-stack programmatic infrastructure that connects advertisers with top-quality supply sources via our SSP.

Smart optimization leads to achieving our goals:

Appgid DSP helps our advertisers run AI-powered programmatic ad campaigns across channels and business verticals with a minimum budget. Our maximum ROI is achieved through narrow targeting and programmatic optimization. Also, you can achieve thrice higher conversion and engagement.

  • We have got cost-effective solutions: Our platform reduces advertising costs. You can drive higher ROI and conversions happen instantly with minimal spending. You can access the system with our transparent and comprehensive pre-pay based on CPM models.
  • We have an omnichannel reach: Our Appgid SDP aligns goals, messages, and objectives across channels and devices which the customers use.
  • We have our brand safety: We give you total brand-image protection with 100% human-viewable traffic from trusted partners. We have expertise that deals with ad block fraudulent traffic on a pre-opportunity basis.