Appgid plays an essential role in helping people throughout their daily mobile journey. This is a platform that powers 6.5 B personalized app recommendations daily via 60 thousand different apps. These apps run on exclusive in-app and on-device placement strategies, thus providing an exciting new layer of app discovery experience.

Re-engaging and getting new users

Appgid engages and re-engages new users. There are over 750 million customers who interact with Appgid powered app recommendations. So, on an average they operate over 20 times every single day with their mobile journey.

Increasing mobile transactions

To interact with new users in a personalized and engaging manner while maximizing mobile revenue streams. This helps in getting more accurate and customized app recommendations.

Getting full transparency and control

Appgid's unparalleled self-service platform helps users to get unique access and a 360-degree view over the campaign targeting. We help our users to control their activities with real-time insights into their KPIs.